Stone Style Shower Shampoo/Soap Niche Installation

This article shows you how to install our soap niche in showers where you want a flush face finish or a sticking out past the tile finish.

Stone Style Shower Soap Niche

When designing our Stone Style Soap Niches we were going for beauty, elegance, and ease of installation, we nailed all three goals on this design.

Our Soap Niche can be installed two ways depending on your design.


Option 1: Niche sits flush with front of tile. You’ll need to leave a minimum depth of 4-1/4” from BACK WALL of waterproofing to FRONT OF NEW TILE.


Option 2: Niche sticks out past the finished tile. This is mainly used when your tile is wavy/uneven or handmade. Leave a minimum depth of 3-3/4” from back of waterproofing to front of finished tile and the niche will stick out ½” past the finished tile.





Easy Installation – Niche sits flush with finished tile:

Easy Installation – Niche extends past tile:

Below is an example of our Stone Style Corner Shelf and Stone Style Soap Niche installed!