Stone Style Shampoo/Soap Corner Shelf Installation

This article shows you how to install our corner shelf in new shower builds as well as existing showers.

Stone Style Corner Shampoo/Soap Shelf

Corner shelves designed for both ease of installation and overall strength.

Manufactured from a single piece of stone featuring extended stone tabs that notch into your existing tile wall.


Unlike other stone corner shelves on the market which install using sticky tape or glue to adhere to the exiting tiled wall; our shelves notch into a slot creating a locking bond that does not allow them to fall to the floor causing damage to your shower.

Another advantage of Stone Style corner shelf is they cover your tile cuts when installed, eliminating grout lines and creating an overall clean appearance.

Easy Installation – Niche sits flush with finished tile:

Easy Installation – Existing Shower

Below is an example of our Stone Style Corner Shelf and Stone Style Soap Niche installed!